The number of cancer patients in India is increasing at an alarming rate despite several successful measures in place to create awareness, early diagnosis, access to treatment and improved treatment methodologies. In this backdrop, BHIO has now embarked on a mission to address the unique challenges faced in providing care to the patients that visit the hospital. A research laboratory – Translational Center for Oncology Research, T- CORe, is being established to develop research-validated solutions to address the various challenges in oncology research. The mission of T-CORe is to develop low-cost solutions to oncology treatment targeted to the socio-economically weak strata of the society that are in dire need of treatment that not only preserves their life but also improves their quality of life. The thrust areas of this research laboratory are designed for horizontal and vertical integration with emphasis on interdisciplinary cooperation to support the low-cost treatment by a generic switch of various onco-innovator products. This will enable the hospital to treat all the patients without compromising on quality. To achieve this, T-CORe will support timely quality verification of the generics through in-house independent parallel testing, validation and approvals.

The proposed activities of T-CORe to address this mission include:

  • Conduct clinical trials to facilitate access of chemotherapeutic drugs to patients
  • Drug testing and validation of generic drugs used for cancer therapy
  • Develop bio-generics and biosimilar products in oncology areas
  • Explore new product development in other therapeutic areas associated with cancer such as nutrition, diabetes, nephrology, obesity etc.
  • Develop and execute certification programs and modules in the latest developments in oncology research through continuous medical education (CME) tailored for practising professionals in this area
  • Generate funding for research through extramural grants of Government of India and private organizations through their CSR activities
  • Develop new nanotechnology-enabled product development for cancer therapy and diagnostics


team member

Dr. Raghunandan H V.

M.Pharm., Ph.D
team member

Dr. Lavanya S U

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