Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

Clinical Biochemistry

Biochemistry mainly deals with the biochemical aspects that are involved in several conditions.The results of qualitative and quantitative analysis of body fluids assist the clinicians in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the disease and drug monitoring, tissue and organic transplantation, forensic investigations and so on.

BHIO Biochemistry Laboratory provides an extensive range of testing services. The lab also provides testing for research laboratories and skilled researchers at the Hospital.

The lab also develops and perfects unique laboratory testing methods. In conjunction with the pertinent history and physical examination, these tests can confirm a diagnosis or provide valuable information about a patient’s status and response to therapy.

Clinical Microbiology and Serology

BHIO clinical microbiology laboratories provide rapid and accurate diagnostic services for emerging (new) and reemerging infectious diseases, especially those diseases for which significant mortality or morbidity may occur as the result of a delay in diagnosis. BHIO Serology lab analyzes blood specimens for diseases of public health significance.

Clinical Pathology

BHIO clinical pathology is concerned with disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Our clinical pathologists are healthcare providers with special training & continue to lead in the investigation, identification, and understanding of the disease. The mission of BHIO Hospital is to improve the overall health of communities by delivering the highest quality diagnostic insights coupled with technology-enabled solutions in making treatment decisions for their patients.


Our team of clinical hematologists is skilled in diagnosing the diseases of the blood and managing patients suffering from these conditions, with prowess and care that makes the treatment process less traumatic. Their in-depth understanding of the blood-related disorders makes them the best in the domain of expertise. The department provides care for a wide range of malignancies in both adult and pediatric patients.


Dr. Kavitha B.

Dr. Kavitha B, Consultant Pathologist, completed her MBBS, M.D in the year 1990 and her post graduation in the year 1995. She joined Bharath Hospital and Institute of Oncology, Mysuru in the year 1995. She has clinical experience of around 25 years.