Bharath Hospital & Institute of Oncology (a unit of Sada Sharada Tumour and Research) started in the year 1989 is a Super Specialty Cancer Care Centre providing comprehensive cancer care under one roof. Since then, it has been bringing hope and cheers not only to hundreds of cancer patients living in and around the city of Mysore but also to the people at large. Being a Registered Non-Profit organisation, the hospital provides treatment at a reasonable cost. The hospital is the recipient of the “Rajyothsava Award” for 2003-04, for the care and service provided. Bharath Hospital & Institute of Oncology is the first hospital in Karnataka to have two accreditations from the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals one for the hospital services and the other one for the imaging services. Bharath Hospital & Institute of Oncology has a single-minded aim of improving the quality of life of patients by empowering them to avail the best that medical science can offer. From patients’ assessment to their activities after their treatment, Bharath Hospital & Institute of Oncology strives to stand behind them at every step of their way.

Nutritional Requirements of Cancer Patients

Nutrition is a process in which food is consumed and used by the body for growth, to remain healthy, and to rejuvenate itself. Good nutrition is important for good health. Eating the right kind of food before, during, and after cancer treatment can help the patient feel better and stay stronger. A healthy diet includes eating and drinking foods and liquids that have important nutrients (vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fat, and water) that the body needs. Nutrition therapy helps cancer patients maintain healthy body weight, sustain strength, keep body tissue healthy, and decrease side effects both during and after treatment. A registered dietitian (or nutritionist) is a part of the expert team here at BHIO and will work with patients, their families, and the rest of the medical team to manage the patient’s diet during and after cancer treatment.

VISION for Fundraising:

  • To ensure access to quality cancer treatment for those in need and create awareness on cancer and its prevention

MISSION for Fundraising :

  • To provide financial support to those who cannot afford cancer treatment.
  • To spread awareness of cancer and cure
  • To make early detection services more accessible for rural communities
  • To educate students on healthy lifestyle habits and prevention of cancer
  • To provide psychological support to the family of cancer affected
  • To sponsor, promote and conduct research activities towards prevention, treatment and eradication of cancer
  • To educational support for paediatric cancer patients
  • To enhance the quality of life of people under treatment with food and boarding.

Health Campaign at Schools

Work with schools to create awareness amongst the younger generation on healthy lifestyle habits.

Goal of the program

Funding the entire/ a part of the treatments like surgery/radiation therapy/chemotherapy/supportive care etc., for economically weaker cancer patients registered at our hospital. Patients from economically weaker sections suffer without nutritional food during the course of the treatment. To overcome this problem, a free food program was started with a cause to provide balanced nutritional food for all the inpatients during their stay at the hospital.

Here’s How You Can Help

  • CSR Fund for the projects
  • Donate financially-marginalised patients
  • Spread the word on Bharath Hospital and Institute of Oncology
  • Be a part of our events and programs

Free food program

Under this program, food is served to all patients who are admitted in the general ward. You can support this program by donating Rs. 5000/- towards providing food to general ward inpatients for the whole day or you can also donate Rs. 25,000/- one-time payment towards providing free food one day in a year for 6 years. All the donations made to this trust are exempt under section 80G of Income Tax.

Bank Details

Bank Name : Kotak Mahindra Bank. A/C Name : Sada Sharada Tumor and Research Institute. A/C Number : 149011000518. IFSC : KKBK0008280.
Your donations may be sent through crossed cheques / Demand Draft / NEFT / RTGS.

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Ms. Swapna C, Executive Quality.

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